Apple pie, easy recipe for you

Hello friends! I have a whole collection of apple pie recipes. In different restaurants, and each cook or hostess, as usual, has his own recipe. I offer you the simplest, I would even say – the basic recipe for this pie. What we get in the end: airy dough and juicy filling. But the filling is not located in a layer in the pie, but evenly throughout the dough. And yet, according to this recipe, you simply cannot fail to make a cake))


  • Flour all purpose – 180 g
  • Sugar – 200 g
  • Eggs (medium 60-65 gr each) – 4 pcs
  • Apples – 400 g (weight of unpeeled apples)
  • Baking powder – 1 teaspoon

You can cook without baking powder, but you will need to beat the eggs very well to make the cake lush. Well, who refuses to simplify the work, so let’s add baking powder.


1.Separate the whites from the yolks. And beat them separately, then combine everything in a container in which we will knead the dough.

2.Whisk again to mix them up.

3.Gradually add sugar here and stir until completely dissolved.

4.And we begin to gradually add flour, stirring so that there are no lumps.

5.Then I cut the apples into slices (lengthwise, 5-7 mm thick, smaller is undesirable – otherwise all the juice will remain on the cutting board). If you feel that the skin of apples is tough, then it is better to remove it.

6.Put the prepared apples in a container with the dough and mix.

7.Pour the resulting mass into a baking dish, helping yourself with a spatula. (I have a form of 22 cm in diameter). The bottom of the form can be covered with baking paper and grease the bottom with butter.

8.Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and put the baking dish in there.

9.After 40 minutes the cake is ready. Readiness can be checked with a toothpick or any thin wooden stick.

You can brush the surface of the pie with egg yolk for a golden brown, but I don’t do this at home.

You can serve the pie with sour cream, ice cream, yogurt or any non-sweet sauce, as the dough is very sweet. And I think that a touch of sourness in the sauce would be a great addition to the cake.

You can add vanillin and cinnamon and powdered sugar to the dough, but my cake is already so sweet. So take your time adding them to this recipe.

That’s all!

Cook with pleasure!

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Apple pie
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