Fried potatoes. This is how michelin chefs cook it

Hi friends!

I wandered around the Internet somehow at my leisure, and found that not everyone can fry potatoes. It sticks, then it burns, then it falls apart and turns into some kind of mass. But, it’s okay, all Michelin chefs also once learned how to fry potatoes (and this option in particular). I will share with you one of the methods of frying potatoes, which is taught in cooking / culinary schools, and often this is how they cook them in restaurants and cafes.

Only 4 ingredients. and in 20 minutes you’ll have a great fried potato.


  • Potatoes – 300 g (weight of peeled potatoes)
  • Sunflower oil – 2-3 tablespoons
  • Butter – 20 g
  • Salt – 1/2 teaspoon

Cooking process

1.We have already peeled the potatoes. Cut it into thin circles – 3-4 mm thick. Here I cheat a little and cut a part of the potatoes into 1-2 mm pieces (Children really like it when part of the potatoes crunches like chips, in a restaurant, of course, they won’t serve you like that))). Necessarily – put the chopped potatoes in cold water and rinse a little, remove excess starch. For this amount of potatoes, 2 liters of water is enough. Otherwise, the potatoes will stick together in the pan.

2.Then dry the potatoes with a cloth towel. Paper towels are not suitable for this – so as not to peel off the paper from the potatoes later.

3.Pour sunflower oil into the pan and heat well, until a slight haze appears. Put one circle of potatoes in the pan and make sure that the oil hisses and the potatoes do not stick, then everything is ok and lay out the rest of the potatoes. Spread it out on the pan in a single layer. I cook in a pan with a diameter of 28 centimeters, and 300 grams of potatoes is just right. Do not need anymore.

4.Do not mix immediately, let the potatoes fry well on one side and only then mix.

5.Do not salt!

6.Usually potatoes are fried for 3-4 minutes, this time I came across some kind of armor-piercing one and cooked for 7 minutes. Readiness is checked with a knife or a toothpick.

7.Put a paper towel on a plate and put the potatoes there.

8.The potato is ready. This is exactly one serving.

9.But, that’s not all.

10.Add butter to a heated frying pan, melt and put our potatoes there, salt and mix so that each slice of potato gets salt and butter. 1-2 minutes and put the potatoes on a plate with a paper towel. Then transfer to a clean plate and serve. (by the way, potatoes can be cooked in advance, and fried in butter and salt later, just before serving)

11.That’s the whole recipe. It makes the perfect fried potatoes. Because they cook it in Michelin restaurants.

Important points to which I would like to draw your attention:

It is necessary to rinse the potatoes from starch
Dry potatoes
Do not add salt during cooking
Don’t put too many potatoes in the pot
Don’t stir often

That’s all!

Cook with pleasure!

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Fried potatoes. This is how michelin chefs cook it
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