How to cook rice. Properly. Easy side dish recipe

How to cook rice. Properly. Easy side dish recipe

Hello friends!

It turns out that despite a lot of advice on the Internet, after all, not everyone knows how to cook rice correctly. I also decided to look for what they advise – and I was faced with the fact that the advice is the most contradictory. It’s hard not to get confused.

During my practice, I have probably tried all types of rice that are most common in the world (there are rare exceptions, but … these types are simply not used for side dishes) and I came up with one golden rule for myself.

But, let’s start cooking right away and we’ll talk along the way.



Rice – 1 tea cup
Water – 1 tea cup
For those who forgot, a teacup holds 250 ml of water. Rice in the same cup fits 240 grams. By the way, it will be necessary to write an article about the capacity of cups, spoons so that everything is on our website. And then many people confuse faceted glasses with teaspoons (which one is more capacious, huh? Who will immediately answer without Google?), dessert spoons with teaspoons.

Pour a bowl of rice into a saucepan. For the experiment, we took the worst rice and a saucepan in which anything can stick.

First, rinse the rice very well in warm water. The rule of 5 or 7 rinses does not work for washing rice – you need to rinse until the water is clear. Pour warm water, gently stir the rice with your hand, raised the dregs, poured out dirty water. And so several times. Rice should not be crushed or rubbed – damage the structure. There are tips that recommend rinsing with water and salt, yes, this way the rice really cleans up faster, but there is a high risk of overdoing it with rinsing – salt destroys the integrity of the rice grains.

Rice washed, now pour the rice with a cup of water, close the lid and put on a high heat.

As soon as the water boils, immediately reduce the heat to the very minimum, that’s just the very minimum.

And cook for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, turn off and without opening the lid let the rice stand for 10-15 minutes.

That’s it – the rice is ready.

And we formulate in one paragraph the formula

How to cook rice

  • Ratio 1:1 (cup of water to cup of rice)
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water without disturbing the structure of the rice
  • Do not open the lid during cooking
  • Rice do not mix
  • Let the rice rest after cooking
  • Do not add salt or oil during cooking

And even if according to this recipe your rice turned into sticky mixture, then you just didn’t wash it well. Be more careful next time.

By the way or not, I remembered about rice for pilaf and methods of its preparation. In the classic recipes of Uzbek types of pilaf (Tashkent, Ferghana, etc.), rice is not actually boiled, but steamed. If you watch a video of any pilaf recipe from Uzbek masters, pay attention to this.

Well, since such a thing, I will share my technique for steaming rice:

We also wash the rice, put it in cups so that the combination is 1:1 in them (1 part of rice and 1 part of water) and put in a steam cooker for 40 minutes.

I have one rarity called a mantovarka (or mantyshnitsa, whoever calls it) – a very convenient thing for steaming rice. It’s a asian version of steam cooker.

So I pour water there and put cups of water and rice through the tier, close it and after 40 minutes the rice is ready. The time depends on the quality of closing the pressure cooker – once it took about an hour and a half to cook, as the steam came out of all the cracks.

That’s all!

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Always cook with pleasure!

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How to cook rice. Properly. Easy side dish recipe
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