Salad chicken fillet with champignons

Salad chicken fillet with champignons

To dilute our selection of meat recipes, we offer you a simple salad recipe: chicken fillet with champignons.


  • Chicken fillet – 1,1 lb
  • Champignons – 0,9 lb
  • Pickled cucumbers – 0,5 lb
  • Onions – 2 medium onions
  • Mayonnaise for dressing – to taste
  • Salt – to taste
  • Sunflower oil for frying
  • Butter – 0,03-0,04 lb
  • Lettuce leaf – 4-5 leaves (for serving)

This amount makes 8-10 servings. Well, this is if we take the standards of restaurants, and the three of us can overpower such a quantity.

Cooking process.

Raw chicken fillet cut into small cubes, pour water in a saucepan and put on fire, as soon as it boils – let it cook for 15-17 minutes. Then we take out the fillet and let it cool.

We cut the whole onion into rings, cubes or half rings. As you like best.

Mushrooms will look better in this salad in half rings. So let’s cut it.

We heat the pan, pour in the sunflower oil, add the butter and put the onion. Fry for 7-10 minutes over medium heat, stir so as not to burn.

Add mushrooms to the onion. Stir and fry for 15 minutes over medium heat.

Then we put the onion and champignons in a container in which we will mix the whole salad.

When it cools down, add the cooled chicken fillet there.

Pickled cucumbers cut into cubes and add to the fillet and champignons. Salt to your taste and mix well.

Add mayonnaise, mayonnaise with olive or lemon flavor is best, and that’s it!

Serve salad with lettuce leaves.

Cook with pleasure!

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Salad chicken fillet with champignons
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